Municipal Services

Health Department

The monitoring and inspection program for Borough eating establishments is run by the Department of Agriculture

Open Burning

Open burning is not permitted in the Borough.

Police Services

Adamstown contracts police services with Ephrata Police Department.  They offer us 24-hour police coverage.  John E. Petrick is the Chief of Police.  For more information on the Police Department, please refer to Police Services found under Government > Departments > Police Services. 

Polling Location

The polling place for both the primary and general elections is in the community room of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church located at the corner of East Main and Church Street.  For more information on voting, please refer to Voting Information found under Government > Departments > Administration > Voting Information.

Road System

The Borough maintains approximately seven miles of roads.  Routine upkeep, plowing and pothole repairs are handled by staff and resurfacing projects are contracted out.  Any issues with Borough streets need to be reported to the Borough Office. Route 272 and Willow Street are state-owned roads and therefore maintained by PennDOT road crews.  Any problems on these state roads should be reported to the Lancaster Office of PennDOT (717-299-7621). Residents are reminded that anytime a public street is disturbed or cut open for a driveway, curb, utility cut or lateral maintenance, a permit is required from the Borough or in the case of a state road, from PennDOT.  Forms are available at the Borough Office for local roads and from PennDOT for state roads.


Solicitors and peddlers are required to obtain a permit before contacting any home or citizen in the Borough.  There are exceptions such as Scouts and non-profit organizations.  If a person comes to your door soliciting, and you have doubts,
ask to see his/her permit.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Plant is located along Route 897 in East Cocalico Township and officially owned and operated by the Adamstown Borough. Ninety-five percent of the Borough has public sewer service.

Water System

The Borough operates three deep wells which are used on a rotating basis to maintain water levels in two reservoirs.  Storage capacity in the reservoirs is 800,000 gallons.  Borough water is considered very soft and is not fluoridated.  Chlorine is added to disinfect the water.

Water and Sewer Billing Methods

Billing for both water and sewer are done on a quarterly basis.  Meters are read at the end of each quarter with charges based on the amount of water consumed during the quarter.  Billing is based on a minimum use amount (base rate of 3,000 gallons/quarter) plus any use over the minimum which is calculated based on a per thousand-gallon charge.  See "Billing Information" for additional information regarding Water and Sewer Billing. 

Zoning Officer/Building Inspector/Code Enforcement

The Borough has appointed a zoning officer and two building inspector/code enforcement officials to administer the zoning ordinance and building codes for the Borough.  These agencies review and approve zoning and building permits as well as make interpretations and offer guidance on zoning and building related issues.

Zoning Officer:

     Systems Design Engineering, Inc. 
     Phone: 610-916-8500 
     Fax: 610-916-8501 

Building Code Enforcement:

     Systems Design Engineering, Inc. 
     Phone: 610-916-8500 
     Fax: 610-916-8501 

     Jim Franey, Contractors Inspection Services, LTD (Residential Only)
     Phone: 610-775-2269 
     Fax: 610-775-9726 

     Randy Maurer, Associated Building Inspections, Inc. (Residential and Commercial)
     Phone: 717-733-1654
     Fax: 717-733-1654