The 4th of July 1761 marks the exact date when William Addams laid out a town site in this valley, which was then know as Cocalico Township.  “Addamsburry”, as the town was originally named, was located on the site of a former Indian Village.  

The Borough of Adamstown was incorporated as a Borough by a special act of legislature on April 2, 1850 with an approximate population of 300.  Records indicate that populations through the years have risen and fallen.  In 1880 the population was noted at 801; in 1900 the census showed only 597 residents; but in 1920, Adamstown was credited with 800 inhabitants.  The population in 1961 was close to 1,200; the 1990 census showed 1,108; and the current census of 2010 credits Adamstown with 1,789 inhabitants.  

The majority of information was compiled from a historical book of Adamstown printed in 1961, covering the first 200 years of town history.  A copy of this publication is available at the Library.  It has many interesting facts about the Borough and is well worth borrowing a copy.