Useful Information

Permits are required by the Borough for a number of activities which include but are not limited to the following:  new building construction, additions, alterations, storage sheds, swimming pools, patios and decks, solicitations, signs, roadway excavations.  Please check with the office for current requirements and fees.  When in doubt, please ask before starting a project. Permit Application
There is a code that prohibits the unlicensed accumulation of cars, junk and rubbish on any property within the Borough.  Contact the office for more details.  Please contact the police department regarding any abandoned vehicle parked on a public street (no license or inspection). 
The Borough has a policy whereby any complaint coming into the Office must be in writing and signed by the person submitting the complaint.  This policy is necessary to avoid getting the Borough involved in neighbor issues, as well as giving the Borough a written record should legal action be necessary.  Names are kept confidential unless legal action is sought.  Complaint Form