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Posted on: October 3, 2017

Contracted Trash and Recycling Service

A Community Conversation:

Contracted Trash and Recycling Service 

*** NOTE: The Borough is NOT proposing a change at this time *** 

What is contracted Trash and Recycling?

This is when a municipality enters into a contract with a single trash hauler to provide trash/recycling service to residents. 

How would Adamstown Borough implement this service?

The Borough would determine the guidelines for service (bag or toter limits, cost for extra trash pick-up, and hours of operation to name a few), the Borough would advertise for sealed bids from trash haulers. Those bids would then be submitted and the Borough would award trash/recycling service to one hauler for a 3-4 year term. The Borough would determine and set the cost of the service (based on the low bid unit cost and tipping and administrative fees). The cost of the service would be added to residents water/sewer billing. 

How would our community benefit from Contracted Trash and Recycling service?

*Most likely lower cost to residents for trash/recycling service (although true cost savings can not be determined until bids are opened and the Borough determines costs for the service). There is evidence that municipalities with contract trash/recycling service offer the service to residents at a lower cost than they can purchase the service on an individual basis.
*Contract would establish vendor performance and accountability
*Discourages illegal dumping and/or accumulation of trash
*Clear and Detailed pricing schedule
*Specified Frequency and Hours with all residents receiving trash pick up on the same day
*Reduction of impact on roads and alleys by reducing the number of heavy duty vehicles traveling on them
*Environmental benefits from increased recycling
*The Borough could write the bid specifications to include toter service which would mandate the hauler to provide a 96-gallon trash toter (lid and wheels) and a 64-gallon recycling toter (lid and wheels) to each residence. 

What are some disadvantages to having Contracted Trash and Recycling service?

*Interrupts the free enterprise system
*Eliminates consumer choice
*Contract will establish specific limits with fees assessed for extra trash (For example: contracts typically allow for three 32-gallon bags or one 96-gallon toter)

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